Mobile Commerce Suite

World Phone Mobile Commerce Suite contains all the primarily features required for any mobile wallet solutions such as Cash-in Cash-out, Fund transfer, Billpay, M-Topup. All these features can be provided to Telcos, banks, credit card companies and virtual card companies or any financial institutions to offer its consumer these services with secured and better user experience. The product is capable of adopting bigger financial inclusion for bank account holders and non-bank account holders. This gives growth opportunity for operators, financial institutions as well as service provider.

Our wallet solution is coupled with Device Info solution which checks for fraud detection using cloned SIM and raises a flag for any fraud transactions by measuring various other parameters like location, MIED and MSIDSN.


Core functionalities:

  • Funds Transfer
  • Merchant payments wallet
  • Bill Payment
  • Bank transfers
  • Mobile Topup
  • Social Media Integration for money transfer
  • Agent/Subscriber creation
  • NFC Payment
  • ATM Cash withdrawal

Key Features:

  • Easy integration with banking systems, Telco systems
  • Robust and scalable solution
  • Role based view
  • Support for web and major mobile platforms

Key Benefits:

  • 99.99% secured transactions on mobile with our Device Info solution
  • Fraud detection from a cloned SIM
  • Social media integration with wallet